The Secret to Healing After Infidelity

The Essential Steps to Get-Off the Emotional Rollercoaster and Enter a Clear Pathway to Heal Your Relationship


(even if healing seems like an impossible mission!)

I'm going to show you...

✔️  If it really is possible to stay together, heal, forgive, and regain trust after betrayal.

And if so, what are some good reasons to stay vs. leave that most people don't tell you about. 

✔️  What couples who manage to rebuild their relationship after infidelity do that you can start doing right away.

What it looks like to go from crisis to safety through a Roadmap to Healing After Infidelity. An overall look at everything couples need to do in order to regain trust and restart a new & healthier relationship with the same person.

✔️  How you can have the same success as other couples who managed to regain a loving relationship based on trust.

A story of a couple who made it through that will inspire you to do the same for your relationship.

Idit Sharoni, LMFT

Idit Sharoni is a top Miami, FL couples therapist. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in Infidelity Recovery with a decade of experience helping couples heal their relationships after betrayal. Idit hosts a highly successful podcast called Relationships Uncomplicated where she shares tips and ideas on various relationship issues. Idit coaches couples from all over the world through her infidelity recovery program It's Okay To Stay®️. See her website for more information.