Forgiving Is NOT Enough... You're Here For A Reason

 You are stuck in the aftermath of infidelity but want to heal your relationship and rebuild trust with your partner.

 You're tired of feeling stuck in the process of healing and need a proven plan to rebuild a happy and thriving relationship.

◯ You feel lost and you've tried everything to get off the emotional roller coaster

◯ You've read book after book and gone to session after session only to recognize that what you really need to save your relationship is a clear roadmap to healing and trust building.

It's Okay To Stay®️ delivers a proven roadmap to healing after infidelity. It will help you regain trust, rebuild your communication, and restart a new and improved relationship with your partner. 


You'll start with the essential information to get you started on the healing path.

This pre-phase module encompasses everything you need to know about infidelity to best navigate the program with utmost success including:

  • The fundamentals like what constitutes infidelity
  • What your potential to heal is and how to increase it
  • Support system
  • Talking to kids
  • And more 

This will be your first module after the welcome video.


First, you’re going to rebalance the crisis by carefully following these steps:

  • You’re going to end the affair in the most appropriate fashion.
  • I’ll walk both of you through a detailed plan to help you end and establish boundaries with the affair partner.
  • Then you’re going to create a transparency plan to start regaining basic trust.
  • You will also craft a compelling remorse expression that your partner can accept - I’ll guide you step by step on how remorse accepted by hurt partners looks like and show you exactly how you can craft your own.


Next, you’re going to reattach by learning and implementing new ways to communicate and reconnect with your partner.

  • You will utilize all the tools to better communicate by becoming better listeners and speakers to your partners, all with the help of research based tools and exercises I teach you step by step.
  • Then you will formulate the correct questions to ask your partner to gain insight and understand the meaning and the motives of the betrayal.
  • I will teach you exactly which questions you want to avoid and which ones to ask.
  • Then I’ll help you plan and ask your questions while helping your partner answer with honesty and empathy.
  • This is also when you will learn how to handle the trauma, intrusive thoughts, lows, and other symptoms you may be experiencing.


And lastly, you’re going to restart a new and improved relationship with your partner. This is when you get to close the infidelity chapter and open a new one. 

  • I’ll walk you through creating new rules for your relationship by crafting a relationship agreement that relates to your new and improved relationship boundaries.
  • You will also get my guidance on how to regain intimacy that feels healthy and honors your boundaries.
  • Lastly, I will help you include a plan to prevent relapse so you can enjoy your new free of infidelity chapter of your relationship. 

The full It's Okay To Stay®️ roadmap to healing program


Access my complete easy to follow 3-phase It's Okay To Stay program and course essentials so that you will...

✔ GET YOUR RELATIONSHIP BACK ON TRACK: Take the right steps to regain trust and deeply heal your relationship.

✔ HEAL THE PAIN: Learn how to go from hopeless to hopeful so that you leave behind the fear, trauma, and all those life-shattering intrusive and repetitive thoughts.

✔ SUPPORT EACH OTHER: Find ways to express compassion, empathy, and remorse to help your partner in the healing process and encourage genuine connection.

✔ ENJOY A LOVING AND TRUSTING RELATIONSHIP: Regain trust and genuine forgiveness so that you can have the relationship you want and deserve. A relationship that is based on trust, respect, and love for eachother. 

How The Program Is Delivered & What To Expect

  • As soon as you enroll, you will be given access to a password protected online platform which hosts your program and your bonuses. 
  • The program consists of 4 modules with 15 pre-recorded video lessons accompanied by implementation tools such as: worksheets, guides, checklists, blueprints, and more. 
  • Each module is dripped out according to a recommended schedule to help you maximize the program success:
    • You'll have immediate access to Module 1 & 2 as soon as you join the program.
    • Module 3 is dripped out after two weeks
    • Module 4 is dripped out after five weeks
  • Once all modules are dripped, you get lifetime access to all the lessons and bonuses in your library so you can always go at your pace, go back to past lessons, relearn, and re-implement all the tools.

Watch this video to get a sneak peek inside the program



Because I'm very honored to welcome you into the growing group of couples saving and rebuilding their relationship the RIGHT way, I invite you to step forward and enroll in It's Okay To Stay®️ today at a special limited time price. Choose The Plan That Works Best For You


The Full It's Okay To Stay®️ Program

The Contents:

Module 1: Essentials

Module 2: Rebalance

Module 3: Reattach

Module 4: Restart


 "Five kids and 32 years later your course has given us a life line to have a relationship we always wanted but didn’t think was possible... I can assure you 100% without your course we would be divorced and repeating this pattern with someone else. 
I can’t thank you enough!"

Shannon H.


"This course has given us a clear roadmap with concrete goals and steps... This doesn't mean it's easy for sure!  

I recommend that you really put your trust in the process.

Jamie S.

It’s Okay To Stay®️ program shows you how to regain trust and walks you step-by-step through the roadmap from healing all the way to attaining a strong loving relationship.

Our community is filled with highly motivated members who are there to support you on your journey. When you join, you will become part of this special group. 

If you don't feel totally confident and motivated by the course content within those first 2 weeks, simply reach out within 14 days of purchase date, show us you've put in the work, and we'll refund your investment.  Read the complete refund policy here >>


Following the roadmap to healing after infidelity has transformed the lives and the relationships of many of my clients and students. 

I've seen first hand what it means for desperate couples to go from completely lost with no roadmap, no hope, and almost no ability to forgive - to having a clear plan to genuine healing and forgiveness.

I want you to experience that same transformation - the return to balance, reconnection, and a new start to your relationship. All of this while regaining trust day after day. And, that's why inside my program I take you by the hand and guide you step after step towards regaining a loving and trusting relationship.

I'll be honored to partner with you on your path to healing via It's Okay To Stay®️ program.  

See you inside!


I can’t judge other programs, but I can tell you that It’s Okay To Stay® is a product of years and over 10,000 hours spent sitting with couples in the aftermath of infidelity and carefully tailoring a successful plan that saved their relationships.

Because this plan has been working for so many in my practice, I wanted other couples to benefit from it and that’s why I have created a self-paced online option. 

It’s Okay To Stay® is a good fit for you if you are stuck in the healing process and need a roadmap with clear steps you can implement immediately. 

It’s good for you if you’re ready to put ideas into action by utilizing the program’s videos, worksheets, blueprints, and strategy.

And, finally, it’s good for you if you’re looking for a plan that covers your healing from A to Z.

Meaning... It’s Okay To Stay® will guide you from the moment of revelation all the way to gaining a loving and trusting relationship - even making sure you have a plan for future maintenance.


This program can be a great complement for solo or couples therapy. Many couples incorporate the program’s steps into their therapeutic process as a constructive tool for structure and progress keeping. 

The program does not require you to be in therapy, so it is designed with that in mind.

It’s Okay To Stay® is different from therapy because it is a roadmap that every couple in the aftermath of infidelity can implement. Therapy is one on one and varies very much around the therapist’s modality, expertise, and style. 

There is a lesson within It’s Okay To Stay® that addresses situations where you might need to consider therapy. This is mostly for severe cases of post trauma that are not healed by the course or other severe situations which I will outline. But even with that, you would still continue the course while having your therapy sessions.


It’s Okay To Stay® is designed to help in every betrayal situation: physical affairs, paid sex, emotional affairs, pornography, sexting, and so on. 

If you feel betrayed, then this course is designed to help you heal from that. 

What’s unique about It’s Okay To Stay® is that it doesn’t exclude certain types of infidelity, and it doesn’t exclude the unfaithful partner from the healing process. And that is one of the most powerful features of the program

You will both be taking this healing journey - together. 

Unlike what most people think, the majority of couples do end up staying together after infidelity…

...but those who do the healing work report a much improved relationship after that process. 

The reason for this is that infidelity is an earthquake to the relationship, and as a result, it invites deep conversations that partners might’ve never had before. 

When you do all of that right, you can reach heights you’ve never reached before with your partner. 

If you implement It’s Okay To Stay® and follow the roadmap, you are likely to have those deep conversations that invite deeper connection. 

So yes, I would confidently say that you can expect your relationship to be better than ever!

You can access the materials any time you want and from anywhere you wish. 

The program can be accessed through a computer or phone (there is a special app for the program).

Although you'll have a recommended curriculum with preferred lesson consumption timetable, you have the option to choose your pace.

You should plan on 10 weeks from start to finish and about 3-4 hours a week spent watching the lessons and most importantly, putting those lessons into action. 

While this is a suggested timeline, you have lifetime access to the program materials, so you will be able to go at your own pace. There’s no deadline. There’s no falling behind. There’s no additional pressure.

You’ll even be able to repeat lessons and modules if you want! 

As soon as you enter the program, you’ll get the course curriculum that lays down a clear plan of when to take each lesson, how long it will take to implement, and what actions you need to take. 

You take it from there and make your own decision about whether to follow my recommendation or go at your pace. 

I would strongly suggest you do.

I wouldn’t skip Phase #1 because the first 2 modules (course essentials and rebalance) have important information you don’t want to miss. 

So, even if you feel you’re out of the crisis for now, go through every lesson and make sure you did all the steps correctly as this will ensure you won’t end up back in crisis! And it will also prepare you for Phase #2 - which is reattach. 

This is where you’ll learn and implement the tools that will help you and your partner communicate. These are the tools that you’ll be using again and again throughout your relationship so they are a crucial part of your healing journey.


Choose The Plan That Works Best For You


The Full It's Okay To Stay®️ Program

The Contents:

Module 1: Essentials

Module 2: Rebalance

Module 3: Reattach

Module 4: Restart


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